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From Marbella with love - charity art auction to celebrate 50 years of Bond.

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Dust off the Aston Martin, synchronise your Rolex watches, and set your homing beacons for the Beach House Restaurant, Marbella on April 4th for the Supper Club’s spectacular Tribute to 50 Years of 007.

Hosted by Bond’s seventh incarnation, Mark Edmundson, the charity evening will mix all the style, glamour and sophistication that is 007 with a cocktail and canapé reception. Following the Nick Nacks there’ll be a three course meal, DJ with Bond themes and a fine art auction in conjunction with Thomas Crown Art. All proceeds will go to animal charity PAD.

Skyfall, the 23rd movie in the ever-green Bond franchise has been the most successful box office hit to date, winning BAFTA glory for the best British picture. A Tribute to 50 Years of 007 will not disappoint either with supporting entertainment to match.

With a licence to thrill, there’ll be Pussy Galore (played by Kelly Rositer) and Gabriella Cantos as Jinx, both of whom will be joining Mark Edmundson’s James Bond to leave all who attend not shaken but stirred.

The evening will be a perfect opportunity to relive the finest moments of our most famous secret agent. Dress code is Bond and Bond girl, or why not add a little Scaramanga to proceedings? And with the Beach House Restaurant’s exotic beach setting, the bravest guests may wish to arrive in wet suit or water-tight Lotus Esprite from the sea.

Tribute to 50 Years of 007 tickets are €59.95 and can be bought from (details). Proceedings start at 7.30pm, April 4th and early booking is advised.

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Mitch Hopkinson. Managing Partner, deVere United Kingdom.

“Mitch is an extremely talented individual. He has a really keen sense of what is around the corner and is very future focused.”

“His judgement and timing of suggested changes have proven to be absolutely right.”

“Mitch is a trusted advisor who can not only bring expertise to his clients but also bring wider ideas that benefit us too.”

Mitch Hopkinson joined deVere Group, the world’s leading independent financial consultancy, as Managing Partner, United Kingdom in 2012.

His remit is to help build on the strengths of deVere and maintain its leadership position in the UK through the provision of world class personal consultancy and support. And to do that he draws on a remarkable and successful career in the financial services sector both at home and abroad.

With a reputation for innovation, forward thinking and unswerving customer service, Mitch has worked for some of the top names in the world of finance, starting his career with American Express then moving to Midland Bank and Barclays before setting up his own financial consultancy, Real IFA.

In 2008 he won the Financial Times Advisor Group Pension Advisor of the year award and in 2009 became the Financial Times Overall Life and Pensions Independent Financial Advisor of the Year. At the turn of the decade he managed an industry-leading retirement solution for an FT top 10 company, displaying the entrepreneurial verve that, in 2012 caught the attention of the deVere Group.

At deVere United Kingdom Mitch continues to focus on the provision of independent advice direct to the group’s UK clients, specialising in financial advice to high net worth clients and business owners.

His company was bought by M2 in 2003 for which Mitch not only became the lead Independent Financial Advisor but a driving force behind the development of the business and its team of advisors.

Throughout a career that has escalated him to the top of the independent advisory field he has retained the same customer orientated focus as when he first started. As he says:

“My goal is to help my clients be better prepared financially and achieve the goals they aspire to ahead of time. I continue to do this by offering a degree of customer service that is second to none.”

“deVere is much more dynamic and forward thinking than other UK businesses and it’s great to be part of an organisation that sees massive potential in its markets. Being a financial advisor here is a great career. I get to meet so many interesting people and help them through life’s journey.”

It’s a philosophy that fits perfectly with the ethos of deVere Group for which Mitch, as a key part of his managing partner role, is actively seeking top quality advisors who share the same passion for making a positive difference to their client’s lives.

Away from work, Mitch’s passions are his wife and two children who provide purpose and drive to his life. His hobbies are keep fit and horse riding. Having graduated with a BS Honour degree in Sport Studies from Newcastle University, Mitch is an avid Newcastle United supporter.


Leadership with vision – the key to outstanding success

Just announced, here’s some brilliant news for deVere Group and our clients. First quarter 2013 turnover and profits have soared. Get this. Turnover has increased by 21% and profit is up more than 300% compared to the same quarter last year.

These figures are amazing aren’t they! So how did we do it?

First we’ve seen consolidation in Western Europe and Africa working to great effect with smaller offices being incorporated into regional hubs producing a positive outcome for our organisation’s bottom line.

We’re also currently undertaking a major six month strategic review, the results of which will be announced this September.

Overseen by our founder and chief executive, Nigel Green, the review will examine the markets we’re in, the markets we want to be in and the technology and other investments needed to be a leader within them.

Second, we’re strengthening our investment in the very best people – our number one asset.

We’ve promoted many managers to senior positions across the world and all have been living up to their potential, driving business, satisfying clients, upholding our position as the world’s leading independent financial consultancy.

We’re recruiting high profile industry figures too. And our graduate training programme continues to meet our growing demand for the most highly skilled wealth management professionals.

We’re recruiting high profile industry figures too. And our graduate training programme continues to meet our growing demand for the most highly skilled wealth management professionals.

Foremost to our continued success though has to be Nigel Green himself.

In Nigel we are lucky to have a leader who is brave enough to make the toughest decisions. A leader who is consistently and innovatively in touch with all global financial markets, driven by insight and foresight and not afraid to re-imagine the structure of our fast growing company to keep us ahead of the game.

We exist in an environment where different markets are developing at different rates. Our review and our continuing consolidation along with our investment in people and technology will build on successes like our quarter one results to further strengthen our position as the “go-to” advisory firm for international investors and expatriates worldwide.

It’s an exciting time to be part of deVere, that’s for sure. And with our hard work and Nigel’s leadership and vision we’re going to be looking at greater success and greater profits in the years ahead.

Based on more than 15 years of selling experience, Sales Commando is a globally recognised and highly sought after corporate sales training course devised and run by ex-commando and motivational guru Doug Tucker. High energy, high impact and 100% successful, Sales Commando is a set of core sales principles based on Doug’s lifelong mantra of “have fun and make money.” Delivered with infectious positivism, passion and thoroughly entertaining, Sales Commando has enabled teams from some of the world’s leading organisations to simply and effectively convert more sales.


Essential selling skills part 1

Whatever business you’re in, you’re in the business of selling. Simply because if you don’t sell, your businesses will die. And there are NO exceptions.

Take the easy wins

The trick is knowing how to sell. It’s what I’ve been preaching around the world for a decade now and one of the greatest challenges I’ve identified, especially for SMEs and entrepreneurs, is meeting customers face to face. This really is the front line of win or lose.

Of course your product or service is the best. That’s why you’re in business. You want the world to know but first, trust me, you’ve got to know your customer.

Taking the easy wins means doing anything you can before your meeting to identify every detail about your customer that will add value to your objective – from the smallest of observations to the biggest of pictures.

Find out your customer’s strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, failures, competitors and challenges. Gathering as much intelligence as possible before your meeting will not only give you confidence but will bring your customer over to your side.

SSS stands for Sales System for Success. It means having a clear process for your meeting.

Rehearse set pieces before your meeting. Explore a number of set moves in your head that you can re-enact seamlessly depending on how the meeting goes. You’ll then be able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Taking the time to do this – like rehearsing a play – will make you word (and sales) perfect on the day.

You’re busy. You’ve got a company to run and a thousand things to be doing. Essentially, when you sell, you’re only doing one thing. Selling. Appearing to do more than that in front of a customer is rude. So don’t!

Meeting your customer face to face

Know your SSS

Get in the zone

If the sales opportunity is good enough for you to travel and see someone or invite them to your office, then it’s good enough to give them your undivided time and space.

Mind your language!

Not the verbal kind, but your body language. Get it wrong and it will be a deal breaker. Turn up five minutes early. Be immaculately dressed. Shake hands firmly, pay attention to how you sit or stand. First impressions count.

Show your customer your care and respect. Converse like you mean it. Be enthusiastic about the things you tell them. Listen to what they say and ask as many questions as you can.

Above all, make sure your signals are working for you and not against you. Research has proven people make rapid and lasting impressions. Make yours the best.


Finally, remember that people like people first, they trust people second and they do business with people they trust, third. Good Luck!

And much, much more…

Out-of-fashion selling techniques choking sales performance.


“Get on trend or fail” is the new rally cry from a world leading sales training provider who’s latest research identifies the major cause of critically poor sales performance to be an unhealthy reliance on outdated, old fashioned selling techniques.

Doug Tucker, Managing Director of Sales Commando explains: “There are definable patterns in terms of the techniques sales pros use. These patterns change over time and represent sales fashion.

“Techniques that were once in vogue are now old hat and the projection is that what is currently successful in terms of selling will become outmoded in the future. Sales pros need to identify these trends and make sure that their techniques – their approaches to prospects - are fit for contemporary purpose.”

The drivers for these changes are predominantly developments in science and technology which are leading to paradigm shifts in the way society thinks and works. One of the keenest examples of  this, in terms of fashion in selling, can be seen in the way the buying cycle has changed.

Doug Tucker: “We’re at a point now where prospective customers have most likely researched our products or services before we first meet them. They may even have had a dialogue with our existing customers.

“The upshot of this is that sales pros are having to enter the buying cycle at a far later stage than they traditionally did and consequently, with the buying cycle shortened, there’s less opportunity to build the trust and respect a successful sales relationship demands. This is a trend – a new fashion - that requires new sales techniques to be learnt and deployed.”

As for the future, spotting what the upcoming fashion will be is much like the hunt for the Holy Grail but even so, in selling terms, there are patterns and trends already emerging that will influence the fashion of selling in the future.

Doug Tucker continues: “Sales people are already well aware of LinkedIn but increasingly social media in its many forms will become a target hotspot for the savvy sales pro.

“Add to this a dramatic increase in the number of technologies sales people will have to manage plus the growing importance of Customer Relationship Management software metrics and the next on-trend selling techniques will undoubtedly be led by silicon algorithms rather than traditional research and pitch techniques.”

These identifiable and changing fashions in the way sales are conducted come with a harsh warning for all involved in the selling process as Doug concludes:

“Being in fashion is no longer the preserve of young trendy things on a catwalk.  Today and into the future sales pros must become fashionistas, adapting to the latest trends in selling techniques in order to survive.

“Like any form of fashion, everything is transient – nothing stands still. What’s in vogue today won’t be chic tomorrow. By learning to adapt, whether it be through self learning or advanced sales training, identifying and setting the trends in sales techniques will give sales pros their greatest chance for success.”


For hire

I’m a copywriter first but over the years my ability to write PR has proven useful and rewarding for the agencies and clients I’ve worked for.